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High quality, multi-screen painting tutorials
with tips & tricks from an actual artist

Paint, brush, videotape.

Click on Play and have a quick look at our tutorials!

We are bringing the joy of painting through our new Online Tutorials!

These new, prerecorded tutorials are the perfect accompaniment to our PIE Paint@home Kits, and will enable you to paint your own work of art as we guide you, step-by-step, from blank canvas to colourful creation.

Our own amazing Pati will talk you through the brush techniques, painting methods, colour mixing, and other artistic skills to enable you to embrace painting no matter where you are located. Compared to our Virtual Events, these Painting Tutorials are there for you to take part in entirely at your own time: to take a break, simply hit pause.

What to paint today...

Tap / Click on images to learn more & watch a demo.

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