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All you have to do is to show up and enjoy a night out, full of colors and good vibes!

  • All events are hosted by a local, contemporary artist and a bartender. 

  • Language of the events: English.

  • You can choose between 2 or 3 hour long paintings. (see catalogue)

  • The events start 30 minutes before the painting, and finish 30 minutes after the last brushstrokes. When planning your team building, calculate with an extra hour upon the painting time.

  • Location: The events for groups up to 24 people we are happy to host in our Studio. In case of more than 24 people, we organize the event at Markthalle, or at a location of your choice.

  • Prices contain all materials (paints, brushes, 30×40 cm canvas, apron etc.)

  • And a welcome drink: glass of prosecco.

  • Minimum expense for all private events: weekdays until 5PM (finishing time): 300 CHF; weekends + weekdays after 5pm: 500 CHF 

  • Guided painting (2 hours): 59 CHF/person

  • Guided painting (3 hours): 74 CHF/person

  • Extra hours: 50 CHF/each started hour/event

  Fees of extra features:

  • Musical chairs: no additional cost

  • Mosaic painting: +10 CHF/person

  • Bring your own theme: +10 CHF/person

  • Collaborate XXL: + price of XXL woodboard*

  *Woodboard sizes & prices:
  120 x 100 cm → 40 CHF
  160 x 120 cm → 60 CHF
  200 x 160 cm → 100 CHF
  If you have an other size in mind for XXL painting, let us know!


  • Upon request, we’re happy to arrange your catering with the Markthalle/La Manufacture.

  • Some great pizzerias, like Vito, are just around the corner – why not ordering pizza to the Studio?

  • Spice up the experience with an “all you can drink” option, only for 30CHF/person!

  • We have a donation based minibar with various soft drinks, wines, beers, gins and spritzers.


Please fill out this form below, and we will get in touch with you in 24 hours

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