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I see your true colors...
...and that's why I love you!

Creative Bonding

At last a team building event, which is not boring: we offer unique painting activities for the whole team. You can create a mural together for the break room, paint an image chosen by your crew, build a mosaic painting, try graffiti and rattling spray cans, or action painting, if you prefer throwing the paint. Whatever you decide to paint, you can be sure you will have a blast doing it.

Maybe not everyone on your team is the next Picasso. At Paint It Easy, that doesn't matter! Your painting party is about making fun art, not fine art. Our casual atmosphere and guided painting sessions leave plenty of room for you and your team to bond.


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The ultimate team bonding experience


Starting from:
65 CHF /Participant *
  • Hosted by local, contemporary artist(s)
  • All materials & equipment included
  • Customizable length of event: 2 - 4 hours

*Painting theme from our painting catalogue

Standard event, 3 hrs (painting in 2 hrs + 1 extra hr): 75 CHF/pers

Long event, 4hrs (painting in 3 hrs + 1 extra hr): 85 CHF/pers

Short, 2-hour-long event (no extra hour): 65 CHF/pers

We calculate an extra hour altogether for arriving, welcome drinks, speech(es), celebration, a break, taking photos, etc. This way you get a wholesome experience and we don‘t have to rush if some painters advance slower. The "short" package is suitable for events with multiple activities planned and painting has a specific time window.

Party size minimum: 300 CHF (in studio); 500CHF (other venues) - This is not an extra fee! Applies only if the total price of private event is lower (too few participants).

Every additional hour started: +10 CHF/pers

**Transportation costs within the metropolitan area of Basel/Zürich/Bern/Luzern/Lausanne/Geneve. For other locations, please ask for an offer

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