creative escape

It's OK to take a break sometimes

Need recharge? Don't need to travel far - book your colorful adventure here in town! Fly away from the repetitive weekdays simply by doing something different. Don't forget your PIE PASSport!

easy socializing

Meet best friends & new faces

"You know guys what I like the most about this? Conversations come easily, we laugh a lot, but tuning in is not a must if i don't feel like it. During the painting mingling is carefree and I am here to have fun, right?!"
Nice to meet you!

contemporary art studio

The Studio - art behind the scenes

Paint It Easy studios also serve as an atelier and a showroom for emerging, local artists. Get to know their projects at our recurrent PIE exhibitions, and/or meet them in person when they guest teach at our workshops.
Meet the artist!

atten tive guida nce

Our instructors are experienced artists

They will guide you step by step throughout the painting. Due to limited number of participants they can demonstrate interesting techniques individually and encourage you to create your own interpretation.
Feel free to ask!

sens ational night-out

The perfect PIE recipe (for casual night-outs)

Ingedients: couple of friends, 16 ounces of acrylic paint, 2 cups of prosecco (each), a slice of yummy pizza, 1/4 tsp of groovy music, a pinch of good vibes. Stir them well in a downtown studio, cook on high for 2 hours.

cozy lounge

Welcome to our supercozy lounge

Equipped with a bar and a fine selection of drinks from rhubarb-shorley to gin&tonic. We want you to feel like you’re having a party in your fab friend’s living room—no cleanup required.
Let's boogie!

precious Me-Time

Do you spend time with yourself?

Do something for yourself, it will make you happy. Do it not because you have to, need to, or must, but because you would like to!
How nice!

colorful community

Let's connect through art...

... and join our growing circle of friends! Attending to our concerts & exhibitions, visiting museums & galleries together will open a new window to Basel's cultural life.
See you soon!