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Could you imagine Paint It Easy as your regular creative escape? Would you also pick up painting as a hobby? Would you like to learn new skills, come to different courses and to use our Atelier for your own projects?
Here is your reward -->

Membership Card


60 CHF/ year
40 CHF/ 6 months

Recommended use

1 to 2 times/ month
primarily for Events

Who is it for?

We would go with the Membership Card, if you wish to join our Events at least once a month. Enjoy painting (...and sipping) for a lot less, and benefit from further discounts on Workshops and Courses. Use our Studio to create and to store your unfinished painting on the spot.

More info about Open Atelier here.


Standard & Maestro Guided Painting EVENTS

Special EVENTS




*After your purchase you will receive an e-mail with a coupon-code. To validate the code, please sign up and create a profile by hitting the “sign up” button in the upper right hand corner of the menu bar.  In your profile you can enter your code and validate your Membership. From that moment, you will see the discount prices while browsing our website.  Upon request you will receive your physical membership card in the Studio on your next visit.

*The Membership Card is person-bound, only the cardholder can benefit from its advantages and it is not transferable to another person. It is valid for one year/6 months from the date of purchase.

*The benefits apply exclusively to the public adult classes. The card is not valid for Kids & Teens or for private activities.

*The Membership Card is UPGRADABLE to Painters’ PRO Membership Card at any time during its life span. The UPGRADE costs 50 CHF/ 6 months and this sum will be reduced proportionately according to the period of time left.  

Collect 5,
Get 10!

If you are not a fan of engagements

This is a good-old stamp collector card, like you have at your fav café and it works easy just like there. Any time you come to a full-priced PIE Guided Painting Event or PIE Workshop you get a stamp. After your fifth Event you will get a coupon-code. This code, when entered during the reservation of your next Event, will grant you 30 CHF discount. If you want to do the math, that means 5 CHF off each event (≈10%). And the deal applies to your friends as well. Invite your bests and get stamps after their tickets too. Well...if they let you have them...

Open Atelier

You are welcome to use the free space of the studio to work on your own. Bring your own materials or just use ours. If you need a canvas, you can purchase on the spot. At your first session we will show you where to find stuff you might need and how to clean properly after yourself. You can store your unfinished artworks in the studio


  • A session of 3 hours 30 CHF

    Use our space, aprons, easels, paints and brushes

  • For PIE Members 20 CHF
  • For PRO Members 10 CHF


  • 24 cm x 30 cm 7 CHF
  • 30 cm x 30 cm 8 CHF
  • 30 cm x 40 cm 9 CHF
  • 40 cm x 50 cm 12 CHF
  • 60 cm x 80 cm 20 CHF
  • 80 cm x 100 cm 40 CHF
  • 100 cm x 120 cm 60 CHF
  • Round 40cm 15 CHF
girl meditating over her acrylic artwork

Art Materials

We understand how frustrating it can be for beginners to choose the right art materials.  May we help you finding the best price/rate products for your desired art adventures. We are not an art supply store, but  we do keep quite some quality art materials in our little ‘art supply corner’. What’s more, we also know how to use them. So come and let’s put your starter kit together!

Not sure what you need? Never used an easel or a palette before? Well, try out what works best for you during our Open Atelier hours before making a big investment.