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Every weekday 16:30-18:30
Class starts 16:45 till 18:15

12-17 years

Teen Spirit is our daily class designed for teens from 13 to 17 years old to develop their skills, learn new techniques, and to explore their own creativity and potential. This course is suitable for participants of all levels. It is a place to give wings to inspiration with professional guidance with the freedom and flexibility for participants to progress at their own rate and to set their own goals.

Each week our art teacher guides students into technical topics, helping teens explore mediums such as watercolour, acrylics, oil pastels, charcoal, and pencil among others. Our goal is teaching the techniques, inspiring imaginative creations, and guiding our participants to create a collection of work or portfolio they can be proud of.

It is an ongoing course, open to be joined at any point by purchasing any of the PIE Teens Passes (see below). It is possible of course to give it a try before making a commitment. Drop us a line, come for a class and pay by cash/card/TWINT in the studio, if you wish to join.


At Paint It Easy, teens are offered the option to work on individual, self-driven projects with the guidance from one of our art teachers.

Each class the art teacher covers techniques that help the students acquire and refine their artistic skills ranging from watercolour painting to just about anything your teen might be interested in.


The PIE teens creative space is open every day from 16:30 to 18:30 with a minimum of 3 teens per session.


Upon arrival, just before the session we provide smoothies and healthy snacks to keep everyone's energy and imagination flowing.

Sibling discount

If you have more than a child enrolling with us you benefit from an extra 10% discount for your second child, and extra 15% discount for your third child!

What is included

Materials, snacks and smoothie are included in the price of the lesson.

The sketchbook needs to be purchased separately. We suggest purchasing it through us, as we have a bulk buy discount.

However, if you prefer you can buy it elsewhere and we recommend the following specifications:
- Size A3
- Spiral-bound
- Min 250g/m2
- Suitable for mixed media

Our approach

We incentivize and offer the opportunity to draw and paint with different mediums including charcoal,  graphite and colored pencils, acrylic paint, watercolours, oil and soft pastels, and many others!

We help teens experiment with tools such as palette knife, sponge, and the essential paintbrush.

Incorporating a little bit of art history, our classes draw inspiration from famous artists (Monet, Picasso, Kandinskij) or art movements (pointillism, abstract, expressionism) to create masterpieces where the teens' individuality can shine through!


Each participant’s creation can be stored into their own individual portfolios, meaning that by the end of the course everyone will have their own collection of work to look back on and see their progress, style, and individuality collated in one place.

Creative experiences
a few clicks away...

PIE Teens Classes and Passes - for fun, carefree, flexible art lessons

We designed an art course open to be joined at any point and flexible enough to fit in the calendar of a modern family.

How it works
A pass contains 5, 10 or 20 tickets which are valid for a time period of 1½, 3, and 6 months respectively after the first ticket is used to take part in a class.

Once you have purchased the pass, right after the first class, your teen will receive a stamp collector card with the expiry date on it. At the end of every class the student will get a stamp onto the card. Once all the tickets are used up, you can purchase another pass and the same cycle repeats itself. All the tickets have to be used up within the validity time period.

With this system, your teen gets to participate in all the purchased number of lessons even if unable to attend a few during the validity period.

Enrolled weekdays
When purchasing the PIE Teens Pass, please let us know which days your teen will be attending. You can do so at the very last step of checkout or by sending us an e-mail or WhatsApp message.

Sibling discount
If you have more than a child enrolling with us you benefit from an extra 10% discount for your second child, and extra 15% discount for your third child! Drop us a line so we can apply your special sibling discount.

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PIE Teens Quintet Pass
PIE Teens Deca Pass
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PIE Teens XX Pass

Get in touch:

Creativity is intelligence having fun!

If you have young artists at home, you have come to the right place!

Paint It Easy is all about creating a community of artsy minded folks. With teens our approach is no different; our studio welcomes all teenagers who want to give wings to their creativity.

Reach out to us to arrange a free trial session, get more information about our PIE Teens passes, or make other spontaneous requests.

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