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Swimming Jewels

Guided Event

Thursday, 25th April,
19:00 - 21:30

60 CHF
Up to -20% for members
Beginner / Experienced
English / German (CH)
2,5 hours
PIE Basel, Wallstrasse 14
Tabea Martin
All materials and a welcome cocktail included

Swimming Jewels


Koi fish are a popular subject in many different styles of art, including paintings and sculptures. In Japanese culture, these colorful fish are highly revered and hold a significant place in mythology and symbolism.

One popular legend surrounding koi fish is the story of the Dragon Gate. According to this myth, koi that are able to swim upstream and pass through the Dragon Gate, a mythical waterfall located at the top of a mountain, are transformed into dragons. This legend symbolizes perseverance, determination, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Koi fish are also associated with good fortune, prosperity, and longevity in Japanese culture. They are often depicted swimming in pools or ponds, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers. The vibrant colors of the koi fish, particularly shades of red, are believed to bring good luck and are often associated with the Japanese New Year.

In addition to their cultural and mythological significance, koi fish are also beloved for their beauty and grace. Their elegant swimming movements and shimmering scales make them a popular subject for artists to depict in paintings and other works of art. Whether depicted in a traditional Japanese style or in a more modern interpretation, koi fish continue to be a enduring symbol of Japanese culture and a beloved subject in art.


PIE Events

Treat yourself to a creative night out, where you can unwind, sip & snack and have fun with your friends, or make new ones as you paint along.

We organize these events multiple times a week. You can join us in our Studio, at various bars and restaurants around town, or even in outdoor locations.

You absolutely don’t need any previous experience to participate. We provide a relaxing atmosphere, art supplies, a drawing template and step-by-step instructions from local artists, so you can let go and focus on connecting with others over an "artsy" cocktail and a night of creativity and laughs.


What to expect

At the beginning of the session, your instructor will demonstrate the use of materials and provide a basic overview of color mixing. Using a tracing template, you'll draw the outlines of your picture (no drawing skills required!) and then paint along with the instructor's guidance to create your own version of the painting. Your instructor will be available to help individuals if they get stuck.

About halfway through the event, we'll take a break to enjoy drinks and snacks and bond over our artistic skills (or lack thereof). We'll take lots of pictures to capture the special moments. The session will end with fun team pictures (silly ones encouraged!). Your painting is yours to keep, and you can take it home in a recycled paper bag.



We're excited to introduce our new partnershio with Food Hero ( www.foodhero.shop ), which offers a variety of dishes from seven different kitchens for delivery during our events. At the beginning of the event, you can choose your dinner and have it delivered halfway through the session. This means that our evening events will now have a slightly longer time window to accommodate the break and ensure everyone has time to finish their painting. You can pay for your Food Hero order after the event using cash, card, or TWINT.

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