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Paint like Vincent: ‘Wheat field with cypresses‘

Guided Event (Maestro)

Saturday, 25th February,
18:00 - 21:00

65 CHF
Up to -20% for members
*You would like to come with a partner to paint this theme on two separate canvases that will line up. You will add 2 tickets in your cart.
Beginner / Experienced
English, German (CH), French,
3 hours
PIE Basel, Wallstrasse 14
Tabea Martin
All materials and a welcome cocktail included

Wheat field with cypresses


Although restless beyond measure, with few straight lines, this landscape is one of the most classic in conception among Van Gogh's works. It is build up in great bands that traverse the entire space. The tall dark cypress trees at one side offer a powerful contrast to the prevailing horizontals, which they resemble in form. The oppositions of warm and cool, the proportioning of parts, the relative height of sky and earth on the two sides, the horizontal intervals which we can measure on the silhouette of the distant mountain, twice broken by trees - all these are perfectly legible and well balanced.

It is a landscape in which the painter's perceptions of nature and his intensity of feeling are equally pronounced. The glowing wheat field, the olive trees of subtle gray in which all the colors of the picture seem to be mingled, the shaggy wavering cypresses, and the turbulent mountains have been wonderfully observed, and the light that fills this space has a vivid actuality for our eyes. The brightness emanating from the cold sky and the warm earth is realized as much through the local colors as through the play of light and shadow - Van Gogh is free with latter, and hardly aims at consistency on this point.

The duality of sky and earth remains - the first light, soft, rounded, filled with fantasy and suggestions of animal forms, the earth firmer, harder, more intense in color, with stronger contrasts, of more distinct parts, perhaps masculine. Or one might interpret the duality as the real and of the vaguely desired and imagined. Connecting them is the single vertical, the cypress trees, as in The Starry Night, of which this painting is in other ways the diurnal counterpart.


PIE Events

Treat yourself to a creative night out, where you can unwind, sip & snack and have fun with your friends, or make new ones as you paint along.

We organize these events multiple times a week. You can join us in our Studio, at various bars and restaurants around town, or even in outdoor locations.

You absolutely don’t need any previous experience to participate. We provide a relaxing atmosphere, art supplies, a drawing template and step-by-step instructions from local artists, so you can let go and focus on connecting with others over an "artsy" cocktail and a night of creativity and laughs.


What to expect

At the beginning of the session, your instructor will demonstrate the use of materials and provide a basic overview of color mixing. Using a tracing template, you'll draw the outlines of your picture (no drawing skills required!) and then paint along with the instructor's guidance to create your own version of the painting. Your instructor will be available to help individuals if they get stuck.

About halfway through the event, we'll take a break to enjoy drinks and snacks and bond over our artistic skills (or lack thereof). We'll take lots of pictures to capture the special moments. The session will end with fun team pictures (silly ones encouraged!). Your painting is yours to keep, and you can take it home in a recycled paper bag.



We're excited to introduce our new partnershio with Food Hero ( www.foodhero.shop ), which offers a variety of dishes from seven different kitchens for delivery during our events. At the beginning of the event, you can choose your dinner and have it delivered halfway through the session. This means that our evening events will now have a slightly longer time window to accommodate the break and ensure everyone has time to finish their painting. You can pay for your Food Hero order after the event using cash, card, or TWINT.

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