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Intuitive (Action) Painting


Sunday, 21st May,
15:00 - 18:00

80 CHF
Up to -20% for members
Beginner level
English / German (CH)
3 hours
PIE Basel, Wallstrasse 14
Various Artists
Canvas size 60 x 80 cm. Upgradeable!


Intutive Painting a.k.a. Abstract Improvisation Workshop



Creating art has long been praised as a form of mediation and mindfulness. If you don’t believe me, here’s a quote from art therapist, Amy Maricle:

“Art is a natural way to practice mindfulness. The colors, textures and sounds of creating pull us into the moment. You don’t need any previous training to meditate through art, just a willingness to draw like a child, with freedom and a sense of curiosity.”

That is why we are inviting you to bring your freedom, curiosity, and inner-child down to our studio. Paint away your pressures, simply focus your mind on embracing messiness, and let art express the things you can’t articulate.


Unlike our other painting events and courses, where we focus on certain techniques and steps to reach a particular result, here we are all about the process of creating, and not the end-result. Perhaps you’ll create something beautiful, perhaps you’ll create something beautifully chaotic. Either way, the only goal is to let go of our obsession with goals. Embrace your intuition and let go of your thoughts, all we ask you to bring is yourself.


The workshop will be accompanied by a specially-selected playlist of meditative and emotionally-expressive music. We will provide a wide range of painting tools (brushes, spatulas, rollers etc), paints, a large canvas, and a full body protective suit, allowing you to go in whichever direction you wish. Direction and guidance will be provided if desired, but we truly invite you to let go of any obsession of perfection. Take a break from your to-do list and go book your spot here for this special workshop.

The registration fee includes a 60 x 80 cm canvas, which you can „upgrade” to even bigger sizes:

80 x 100 cm → ​+  20 CHF

100 x 120 cm →​ + 50 CHF 


Further canvases can also be purchased:


60 x 80 cm​:  20 CHF

80 x 100 cm​: 40 CHF

100 x 130 cm​: 70 CHF


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