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Ever heard ‘bout the secret paint club by the city walls...rawr

Kids love PIEs

Everyone knows that...

Everyone knows that Kids and Teens love to express themselves, their ideas, and imagination through creativity. Our afternoon kids painting club is designed to provide the tuition, materials, and space to cultivate creativity and to enable everyone who takes part to think imaginatively. Our aim is to boost confidence and self-esteem, to be a place to socialise with fellow creatives, and to develop their artistic skills to pave their way in the world.

PIE Kids & Teens Pass

For Flexible Art Lessons

We dreamed of an art course, which was open enough to be joined at any point and flexible enough to fit in the calendar of a modern family without making a lot of sacrifices. Sooo here it comes...


How it works: The pass contains 10 tickets which are valid for 3 months after the first ticket is used to take part in a class.

Once you have purchased the pass, right after the first class, your teen will receive a stamp collector card with the expiry date on it. At the end of every class the student will get a stamp onto the card. Once all the 10 tickets are used up, and the student wants to continue visiting the classes, you can easily purchase another Pass and the same cycle repeats itself. What is important, that all the tickets have to be used up within the validity period.

With the help of this system, you will not loose the price of the few lessons, that your teen will be unable to attend in the 3-months-period of time.

PIE Kids Deca Pass
PIE Teens Deca Pass

PIE Kids & Teens Pass

For Flexible Art Lessons

Deine Kunsterlebnisse

Ein Kunst-Workshop bei PIE ist eine einmalige Veranstaltung, bei der du praktische Fertigkeiten zu einem bestimmten Kunstthema lernen kannst. Die Workshops werden von lokalen Gastkünstlern im PIE Studio geleitet und sind eine tolle Gelegenheit, direkt von den Profis zu lernen. Die Dauer der Kunstworkshops variiert zwischen 2 und 5 Stunden, in manchen Fällen sogar einen ganzen Tag.

PIE Kids Deca Pass
PIE Teens Deca Pass

Key Features


It is important to us that we design classes which improve drawing and painting skills, but without making them frustrating or disheartening! The ultimate aim of the course is to nurture creativity


Our studio is all about having a fun, relaxed environment - a home away from home where you’re allowed to get paint on the floor. It is a space for creating, sharing, and reflecting - as well as getting a bit messy!


You can join the kids painting course any time: each week we will cover a different, new topic, so not to worry if you missed the previous class or know that you won’t be able to attend every week!

What will we actually do?

The PIE approach in our classes for both kids and teenagers is to cover the basic principles of art and art history through interesting and inclusive exercises where everyone is free to have fun, learn, and experiment with art.

→ different painting and drawing mediums including acrylic paint, watercolours, graphite and colored pencil, pen, oil pastels, and charcoal!

besides the paintbrush we will experiment with other methods such as creating with a palette knife, sponges, fingers, and q-tips!

We’ll also explore other artistic forms such as collage and printing

After every class every participant’s creation will be stored into their own individual sketchbooks, meaning that by the end of the course everyone will have their own collection of work to look back on and see their progress, style, and individuality collated in one place! We recommend purchasing the sketchbook through us, as we have bulk buy discount. However, if you’d prefer to buy your own elsewhere we recommend the following specifications:
-Size A3
-Min 250g/m2 sheets
-Suitable for mixed media

What kind of stuff will we learn?

→ Learning from the greats: Incorporating a little bit of art history, these classes will look at how we can take inspiration from famous artists (Monet, Picasso, Kandinskij) or art movements (pointillism, abstract expressionism) to create our own masterpieces mimicking another’s style!

→ Putting stuff in Perspective: during these classes we’ll cover the principles of one point perspective, whilst drawing and painting urban and natural landscapes.

→ Face off: how do you draw a human face? It’s all about proportions! Here, we’ll practice drawing faces by studying the proportions and elements using a mirror.

→ Compositions: what makes a good composition… good? Beauty may be in the eye of the holder but there are certain harmonies, patterns and compositions we’re nearly all drawn to!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?: In some classes we will aim to establish/strengthen basic drawing skills (e.g. draw a bird or a city by starting the drawing with simple geometrical forms like squares, circles and adding the right details)

→ Sir Mix-a-lot: Mixing paints may seem simple, but it’s so easy to only end up with 50 shades of brown. Here we will practice skills like mixing color with a palette knife, painting a value scale, and exploring how different tones complement and contrast.

Get in touch:

Heyhey! We need your help to deliver amazing experience!

As you may know, Paint it easy is a start-up and still experimenting. Our goal is to deliver you fantastic painting experience and a great time. Giving us feedback, sharing your ideas is a great help. Let us know your wishes and destinations of your desired art explorations and come along with us to the journey. You can also use the contact form to reserve a place to any upcoming Course, even to those, which are not yet published on the site.

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