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„Fleurida“ – tutorial


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Fleurida @ Paint It Easy Tutorial /comes with a drawing template (.pdf) to print in A3 or 2 x A4 containing  the major lines & shapes/

She tried to disguise herself, but it cannot help.. she’s too outstanding. Yes, you’re right, we’re talking about Frida Kahlo, the Mexican Painter-Queen.

Iconic eyebrow hidden, bright flowers and red lips stayed! Painting this piece is quite rewarding because it combines different approaches and the use of various brushes & tools. After our encounter with some color mixing and line drawing practices, you’ll love the experience of freestyle flower-crown painting. At this part, let the palette knife take you to colorful adventures – and be prepared to indulge in paint and loose yourself in abstraction!

***Have problems with drawing? No worries – on all events we use tracing paper as a stencil to draw the main forms of the painting.

Did you know...? Frida struggled to make a living from her art until the mid to late 1940s, as she refused to adapt her style to suit her clients' wishes. Her financial situation improved when she received a 5000-peso prize for one of her painting. Nevertheless, she had regular private clients, and sometimes incomplete pictures were purchased right off the easel. Well, when it’s about your soul, isn't it worth not to compromise?
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