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Paint like Monet: ‘Woman with a parasol‘

Guided Event (Maestro)

Saturday, 10th December,
18:00 - 21:30

70 CHF
Up to -20% for members
Beginner / Experienced
English / German (CH)
3,5 hours
PIE Basel, Wallstrasse 14
Tabea Martin
All materials and a welcome cocktail included

In the two open air studies, Woman with a Parasol, Turned to the Left, and Woman with a Parasol, Turned to the Right, Monet was fascinated by the very low viewpoint from which the model is shown; she stands on a riverbank against a background of pale blue sky. The young woman in both pictures is Suzanne Hoschedé, one of the daughters of Alice Hoschedé, who was to become Monet's second wife in 1889. His future stepdaughter Suzanne was to be for a long time one of the painter's favourite models.


Treat yourself to a creative night out, where you can unwind, sip & snack and have fun with your friends, or make new ones as you paint along.

We organize these events multiple times a week. You can join us in our Studio, at various bars and restaurants around town, or even in outdoor locations.

You absolutely don’t need any previous experience to participate. We provide a relaxing atmosphere, art supplies, a drawing template and step-by-step instructions from local artists, so you can let go and focus on connecting with others over an "artsy" cocktail and a night of creativity and laughs.


NEW! Since we all live a quite dynamic life, many paint enthusiasts would come to our evening events without having time for a proper dinner. 2 or 3 hours fly by in an instant while painting, but it is already too late to eat out...or to eat at all by the time we are finished with our events. From November 2022 we would like to try something new.


Food hero is a new food & delivery concept of La Manufacture, that offers 7 different kitchens and more than 300 different dishes to choose from and delivers all from one restaurant  www.foodhero.shop

In the beginning of the event, while having our welcome drinks we can choose our healthy (or not too healthy) dinner and we will have them delivered halfway through our session. At this time we will have a short break, so everyone can enjoy the food, another drink or streching the legs. You can pay conveniently for your order after the event in cash, by card or with TWINT.

This also means, that from November ’22 the evening events will be uploaded with a slightly longer time window (e.g. 19:00-21:30), to ensure everyone has time to finish their painting by the end of an event with a short break.

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