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Color & Value | PIE Open (MORNING)


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This is an ongoing painting/drawing course, divided into four thematical blocks per year. Eachblock consists of 12 classes and evolves around a topic. During our artsy travel around one topic we work with different materials (acrylic, aquarell, charcoal, pencil, pastelcrayon, collage) and experimet with different painting/drawing techniques.

This course is for you if…

You’ve finished our beginner’s painting course and want to continue
You already have some experience with painting/drawing and want to practice on a regular basis
You prefer learning in a community in a fun, entertaining and easy-going way. 

*Absolute beginners, who are very enthusiastic and ready to commit themselves for 12 weeks of painting are also welcome.


After this course…

You will have experience with different painting techniques and materials
You will have experience at how to draw what you see
You will have solid understanding of the main elements of art and the basic principles of design
You will gain confidence at consciously expressing your creativity

General Info

Lenght: 12 weeks (12 x 2,5-hour-long classes) Full price: CHF 660.- 610.- Discounted price (w/ Paint It Easy membership card / PRO): CHF 549.- / 488.-   Teacher: Patrícia Kaliczka   Min no. of participants: 4  

About the teacher:

Patricia Kaliczka besides being an actual artist, is also one of the 2 founders of Paint it Easy. Painting is not her hobby, but her way to live and make ends meet. She got her MA degrees both in Painting and Teaching at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. She was awarded several scholarships and prizes, such as the Esterházy Art Award in 2013, Derkovits Scholarship in 2013-2016 or the Rudnay Scholarship in 2019. Her work has been exhibited in Hungary as well as across Europe. Her latest solo show ‘Around the Heart in Thirty Days’ @Viltin Gallery was centered around self-examination and dissolving the self in various historical and archetypal prototypes. For more info, visit her website www.patriciakaliczka.com.
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