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All about Graffiti


Sunday, 23rd April,
14:00 - 18:00

130 CHF
Up to -20% for members
Beginner level
English / German (CH)
4 hours
PIE Studio and in Town
Timo Paris
Suitable for Kids


Title of Workshop:

All about Graffiti with Timo Paris


Short description of the workshop

Ready to get down and dirty with graffiti? Enjoy a hands-on lesson where you will learn about this controversial art form. In recent years graffiti and street art have become increasingly more popular and appreciated by the public. Simple scrawls have evolved into detailed mural compositions. Now is the time to learn more about this exploding artistic phenomenon!


What to expect?

Artist, dancer Timo Paris will immerse you into this underground world. He will begin the graffiti workshop by walking you through a brief overview and the history of Graffiti. Then Timo will introduce you to essential painting techniques and theories. This includes tags, throw-ups and pieces. Then you will start building up your alphabet, learn about lettering, shading, fill-outs etc.

See a live demonstration of basic paint techniques and observe the artist’s process. Then get ready to participate hands-on! By the end of the first part you will have your name (or any other short text) created in your style by markers.


After a short break we will use what we learned prevously and apply this knowledge to create our first graffiti on a wall (or in this case an XXL wooden board) with quality spray cans.

Timo will teach you the basics of spraying: making straight lines, creating backgrounds, shading, outlines and highlights. He will provide you with ideas, examples from famous graffiti artist, tips and hints, what‘s more, he will be there to assist you individually on your quest to create your very first graffiti.


What is included?

  • The workshop is fully guided by Swiss artist and break dancer Timo Paris
  • All materials included such as pencils, markers, canvas, spray cans, masks, protective overalls!!!
  • XXL wooden boards at disposition to realise the spray painting part.
  • A 30cm x 40cm canvas which will be attached to the woodboard that we will be spraying on. After the Workshop you can take a piece of your graffiti composition home on this canvas along with dozens of photos, that we will take during the session.


What you will achieve?

Become an amateur graffiti artist yourself by working on a colorful masterpiece under the tutelage of your expert instructor. Everyone will get a chance! Watch the canvas come to life with vibrant colors. By the end of this workshop you will leave with an introductory understanding of graffiti and its application. You will have learned basics of the trade and will have worked on a unique piece of graffiti art!


Is this workshop right for me?

The workshop does not require any artistic or drawing skills. It is designed for complete beginners who would like to jump into the world of graffiti.


Good to know

Your canvas is yours to take home, on it a piece of your mural. The wooden boards will stay in the studio. We will make sure though to make dozens of photos during and after the Workshop with you and your piece.

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