Event overview


Guided Painting

You will paint a picture of your choice by following step-by-step instructions of a professional artist. Through the creation of your masterpiece, you will also familiarize yourself with different painting techniques. You will paint with acrylics on canvas. Prices include all materials.


Join our most popular paint & sip event! It is an ideal going-out activity after a busy day.
The lenght and themes of this event are tuned to offer a perfect balance of relaxation, challenge and amusement. A welcome drink to spice your evening up is on the house.
The max. number of participants is limited to 12; therefore you will have your individual painting set and plenty of space to move around.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 55 CHF


An artwork can be understood by contemplating it, but recreating it opens up completely different perception. We have picked some of the greatest pieces of art history; use them as an inspiration and create your own version of the old Maestros! The max number of participants is limited to 12, therefore you will have your individual painting set and plenty of space to move around. Be our guest to a welcome drink!

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 69 CHF


Not sure, if painting is for you? Or you’re the one who is always going for the best deals? Try the flavor of the PIE!  Every now and then, we offer our standard events at an exceptionally economic price!  The maximum number of participants is 24, and you will be painting at our cool, long studio tables.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Price: 39CHF

+Special features:

Paint in pairs

(A) Share your canvas with a friend! If you fancy making the experience of painting more “colorfool”, we have some compositions, that are ideal to paint together with someone else. Work on the same 40×60 cm canvas – it’s going to be fun!

(B) In this case, you will work on two separate 30×40 cm canvases. The result will look gorgeous when hung together!


I drop my daughter off in the kita and my only option to hang out is to pop into a café, stuff my head with cookies and get fat…”
“Me-mornings” want to focus on those, who have time for themselves only in the morning hours. Get down to Paint It Easy for your morning escape – bring your croissant, tea & coffee are on the house!


Tailored for those who want to dig deeper. While still remaining a fun activity, you can experiment with different mediums and techniques.
The workshops are held by guest artists. For most of them, art is the main occupation. Be prepared to get hints directly from the professionals!

Duration and prices of different workshops vary.

Open Atelier

Twice a week we have open doors, when you are welcome to use the space and work on your own. 
You can either bring your own materials or you can use ours. 
Prices vary on the materials you use. Tea & coffee are always included.

Open Atelier hours:

Tuesday       15:00 – 18:00
Friday           15:00 – 18:00

  • use our space, apron & bring your own materials for 10 CHF / session

  • use our space, apron, paints and brushes  for 18 CHF/session

Bring your own canvas or buy it here:

20 x 20 cm                  5 CHF
24 x 30 cm                  6 CHF
30 x 30 cm                  7 CHF 
30 x 40 cm                  8 CHF
40 x 50 cm                10 CHF

Art Materials

We are not an art supply store, but we understand how difficult it can be for beginners to choose the right materials. We can help you finding the best price/rate products for your desired art adventures. Come and lets put your starter kit together!

Not sure what you need? Never used an easel or a palette before? Well, try out what works best for you during our Open Atelier hours before making a big investment.