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Pouring Acrylics with Janina


Sunday, 28th May,
15:00 - 19:00

120 CHF
Up to -20% for members
4 Stunden
PIE Studio, Wallstrasse 14
mit @janinasartventures
Aufräumen ist inklusive :)

By making the acrylic paint liquid, it can be poured onto a canvas in a multitude of ways letting the paint splat, ooze and mix right in front of your eyes creating unimaginable patterns just as you tilt your canvas. It is all in your hands! Suitable for beginners, experts and all lovers some mess and chaos, this 3-to-4-hour workshop will look at how different techniques and colour combinations can create abstract art so beautiful, everyone will think you planned it all along.

No. of techniques: 3 /Tree ring, Dutch Pour, Flip Cup/

No. of canvases: 3 X 30cm*30cm 

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