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Jump into Resin Art - Ocean Beachscape


Saturday, 10th December,
17:00 - 20:00

110 CHF
Up to -20% for members
Englisch / Deutsch / Koreanisch
2,5 Stunden
PIE Studio, Wallstrasse 14
Jiho Kim
Achtung, diese Aktivität ist süchtig machend ;)

So, you’ve decided to give resin art a try? Congratulations, you have an exciting journey ahead of you.


What is resin?

Epoxy resin is a two-part solution consisting of one part resin and one part hardener. 

When these two parts are combined, a chemical reaction takes place in which they chemically fuse together to create something that resembles plastic. Once the now-fused resin has cured completely, you’re left with a highly durable material that happens to be extremely versatile, easy to use, able to withstand extreme heat and cold, and can be sanded and drilled if need be. 


What is resin art?

Generally speaking, resin art is anything created through the use of combining some resin and hardener for purely aesthetic purposes. Resin can be mixed with paint or inks to create colorful patterns and designs, poured on top of paintings to create a thick and glossy protective coat, or poured into molds with items like dried flowers or shells. Resin art includes both abstract paintings and usable items, like jewelry or homewares.


What to except in this Workshop?

After Natalia explains and demonstrates the basics of resin art and gives you a run-down of the materials, you’ll jump right into the action of mixing resin and adding sand for our first layer of your stunning resin art beachscape .

In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know about pouring colourful and mesmerising resin art. This workshop is designed to provide you with techniques and insight necessary to create your own artwork.

What you will learn about

  • Tools, supplies and products needed during the pouring process
  • Do’s and don’t’ s of resin pouring
  • How to create ocean-coast-like effects
  • All the tricks and hacks for starting with your first resin artpiece


Meet your Artist

Natália Wyss Nunes was born in 1987, in Fortaleza, CE Brazil where she lived until she was 22 years old. Nowadays she lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland with her swiss husband and her two twin baby girls. She graduated in early childhood education and, after that, decided to study Fundamentals of Art at SKDZ in Zurich.
In 2019 she began her artistic career, selling paintings and teaching for PaintEvent, where she works up until today.
Her art has pop and realism features and she also works with abstract paintings. Natália is not limited to any style in her art, she mixes tones and shapes, both realistic and colourful.

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