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Introduction to Drawing II.

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Introduction to Drawing


Short description of the course

Drawing has less to do with skillful hands and more with how one sees the world. This course aims to teach you a different way to see the world.

Drawing is a basis for all visual art practice. This is especially true for painting, where besides the physical mixing of colour and the tactile of the paint, everything else is drawn. The aim of this course is to further develop your existing drawing skillset and learn about  controlling tones, composition and different drawing methods. 


What to expect?

  • Throughout the course you will try different materials to draw with (e.g. pens, pencils, charcoal, pastel etc.)
  • Each class starts with a clear explanation and demonstration of the subject by the art teacher, which is followed by a drawing exercise.
  • You will be drawing from photo references, from still life and from a life model.


What is included?

  • The workshop is fully guided by Hungarian visual artist Patricia Kaliczka
  • All materials such as papers, different drawing tools, boards, etc. are included. You do not have to bring anything, except for your good mood.


What you will achieve?

  • You will learn how to see with an artist’s eye and capture what we see on paper.
  •  You will learn about controlling tones and values.
  • You will learn about composition and compositional space.


Is this course right for me?

This course is designed for somewhat expereinced students. Ideally you participate in this course after finishing the first module of this course, or, if you have previous experience in drawing


Good to know

1. We are happy to store your works throughout the course.

2. This course has a first (beginner level) module. You might want to consider buying the two modules in a package as you get a 10% discount on your purchase.

3. This course provides basic and intermediate level knowledge of what to pay attention to when drawing, In order to fully incorporate this knowledge, one needs to practice. Therefore, we have created our study groups, when two days a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) you can continue practicing in a community of like-minded-people.


Meet your artist tutor

Patricia Kaliczka besides being an actual artist, is also one of the 2 founders of Paint it Easy. Painting is not her hobby, but her way to live and make ends meet. She got her MA degrees both in Painting and Teaching at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. Her works have been exhibited in Hungary as well as across Europe. [Read more...]


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